A Competitive Programming Course

A Complete Placement Preparation Program


Batch Starting Date:

26th December 2021

Course Format:

Online Live Classes

Program Duration:

2 Months , At 2-10hrs/week

You Will Learn:

C++,Data Structures and Algorithms

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Course Fee:

Rs. 4999

Rs. 3499 only

overview of codeslayer

Competitive Programming is a mind sport of solving well defined problems under specified limits. It has been a part of the major criteria for hiring among the top IT companies today.

The main goal of this program is to make the coders industry ready. We aim to achieve this target in bits & pieces over a period of two months by helping our students to build & improve logic, help them to focus & think faster by solving easy to complicated problems.
1. A complete Placement Preparation program
2. personalised course
3. Exclusive doubt clearing session

Concepts Covered in codeslayer

C++ Fundamentals

Introduction to c++ control flow , Functions

Data Structures – 1

Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Graphs,Trees, Heaps – sets, priority queues


Structures, Objects & classes, Pointers, Inheritance

Competitive Maths

Prime Numbers, Permutations and Combination, GCD, Number Theory, Probability, Modular Arithmetic


Searching, Sorting, Hashing, Greedy, DFS, BFS, Recursion, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming

Game Theory

Gaining knowledge on advance Game Theory

Time and Space Complexity

Time and Space complexity of different algorithmic functions

Some Binary Stuffs

Binary Tree , Binary search tree and more with proper understanding


Online Live and Doubt clearing sessions

No pre-recorded videos

Completion and appreciation certificate

Real-time projects to enhance conceptual skills

Earn badges with weekly assessments and quizzes

Get a chance to work with our hiring partners

TA Support & Discussion Forum



This sample certificate will be given to the participants after the completion of the course/training period showing their insurmountable efforts and immense dedication with sincerity throughout the sessions.

This badge is given conceding the relentless hard work the participant has shown through the performance based on regular assignments and quizzes held during the training period.

what's different?

Experienced Mentors

Our trained Mentors having vast industry experience will guide you throughout the session.

Regular Assessments

Doubts kill dreams and we kill doubts of the students by giving regular assessments and quizzes.

Internship Oppurtunities

Trainees will get the chance to work with our 5+ hiring partners to expose their talent.

TA Support & Discussion Forum

Take a chill pill! Round the clock our masters are there to clear your doubts faster.

What our students say?

Frequently asked questions

1) Is there any fee for registration?

No, there is no registration fee. You can complete the registration for free. Right after the registration process is completed, the payment portal for the specific course shows up on the website and the student have to complete their payment there.

2) What will be the platform for the classes?

Online classes will take place on Zoom or google meet by Specialized trainers who have a personal approach towards teaching.

3) Can I pursue this training course along with my college studies?

Definitely you can. Classes happen on Saturdays and Sundays. In case of any convenience the timing for that particular batch can also be changed on request by a majority of the students from that batch.

4) Will there be TA support provided to the students?

TA support is available for all while the classes are going on and there are separate WhatsApp groups for students that includes the teachers as well, where they can have their doubts cleared.

5) How will we pay for our registration?

After registration you will receive the payment link through a payment gateway

6) How will my doubts get cleared?

PA support is available for the students as well as doubt clearing sessions as per the students requirement in case of doubts.

7) Will there be one-to-one mentorship?

There will be one-to-one sessions with the mentor/trainer after every class as per the student's requirement. There are also doubt clearing classes. The mentor's contact as well as the session moderator's contact shall be provided so that the students can contact them at any time in case of any doubts.

8) If I miss my classes then how will I cope up with it?

In case of missing a class, the recording of that particular session is provided to the students through mail, but only if they can provide a genuine reason for their absence.

9) How will my improvement be tracked?

There will be weekly assessments and examinations will be held, industry-based projects will be assigned to the students based on which their progress will be tracked.

10) What is the mode for payment?

The payment can be done through any mode of online payment (Instamojo Payment Gateway - Phonepay, GPAY, Credit card, Debit card, BHIM UPI, PayTM)

11) How will we be getting TechBairn badges?

Students get the badges in accordance to the TBStar programme by Techbairn. There are four badges - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. These badges are distributed to the students once they complete a certain milestone in the course and is given completely based on their performance marking their individual achievements. These badges comes with exciting goodies from TechBairn and are either digitally sent to the students in an aesthetically designed frame that they can upload on social media or physically delivered to the student’s doorstep.

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